Monday, 30 July 2012


What you thought your life would be this Tuesday:

Thanks to FREE TEQUILA, you'll be doing this instead:

It's 12:30, it's amazing:

FUN FACT: If you drink only tequila and nothing else, you will start hallucinating and could black out completely.

Wednesday, 18 July 2012


Jana is in Joburg, Ane is at work and Fabi is on holiday. So we are all too busy to blog and Patrick has a blog. But we think that everyone should go to SWIM tonight, because Morgan is going and it is Madiba's birthday. Aaron says they are playing dance music tonight and he is not going to wear a hat or a beanie! It must be a special one.

There might be flamingos in the water!!

This is a gift that Fabi sent to Jana today, while she is overseas in Joburg:

This is the water between Cape Town and Joburg (Jana swam there)

This is Gwen Stefani at SWIM last week, celebrating No Doubt's new album and being politically correct:

Morgan (AT JULEP TONIGHT) and Jana:

You can get creative in the water:

This is a 7 foot high singular-colour painting by Gerhard Richter. I'm sure Matt and Aaron will let you paint outside Julep if you ask nicely.

Madiba when he used to go to SWIM (you can see he was a bit younger in those days):

Edie Sedgwick at SWIM:

You can swim in this water tonight (it's nice and warm):

They're also getting one of these:

You can find love in the swimming pool (pretend it's summer again):

Maybe girls will get naked again like that other time:

Here is a drawing Egon Schiele made of that naked girl:

When you get home, you can swim some more and get drunk all over again!

See you there!!!