Thursday, 5 July 2012

Holiday! Celebrate!

It's that time of the year where we all pretend it's not so cold and go on holiday. Langebaan, Pretoria and Port Owen are all getting involved. And no we are not going to London/Paris/New York because we are broke-ass and far too pretentious to go to places that obvious. Here are some pics of celebs on holiday. It gives you an indication of the kind of fun we will be having come this weekend. Can I get a “WOO HOO”?

Britney having fun with flowers. Always so flirty babes, lekker né?

Our favourite DJ Paris Hilton doing an impromtu photoshoot with a sting ray. This babe is nothing if not opportunistic.

Ummmm? It happens to the best of us.

2Pac and Snoop doing what they do best. And doing it better than anyone ever will. Don't even try to compete. It's futile even trying. HASHTAG THUGLIFE.

David Beckham shows us that even cripples, and disabled folk can holiday. We have a lot of cripple friends (who incidently also DJ) so this is vee appropriate.

Mischa Barton loves a good joint. Girl really seems to dig to unwind.

Oh look there she is at it again. NAUGHTY!

And again.

And our very own Charlize smoking it through an apple nogals. HEY WENA!

Lindsay getting physical on a body board PRE-CRACK.

Amy in beter times enjoying a naked stroll through the waves. PORT OWEN MASSIVE THIS WILL BE HAPPENING. Take notes.

Rihanna chilling with other crazy honeys! She wins at life. EVERYTIME.

Kate Moss and Chloe DifficulySpellingSurname Sevigny oozing holiday and heroin.

Seeing as Beyoncé does everything better, she obviosuly does holidaying better.

Ahhhh Beyoncé covered sand! Curvy sand goddess angel. NO WORDS. Only love.

AND LASTLY RIHANNA GETTING NAKED IN HAWAII. This girl is our spirit animal.

Make sure you get away this week. And when you do, make sure you misbehave because no one likes a goody two-shoes. It's not hip to be fucking squared. Get dumb. HAVE FUN.

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