Sunday, 11 November 2012

People who are allowed to have delusions of grandeur

No girls on here 'cause they're obviously all kak. Unless they're us. Then they're the best. Jokes. But not really.

Mavuso Mbutuma

He's the Naomi to our Kate and has been doing drugs since the 80s. A drunk pirate puppy, so down with anything, bar/club hops like a little adorable baby hooker. Fashion king of Cape Town.

Tyler Smith

He DJs at any given time and saves every situation. He could probably get you out of jail even if you were arrested for murder. MY man.

Aaron Peters

The ultimate nice guy. Everyone should be more like him. He wears a pineapple on his chest and his heart on his sleeve.

Daniel Malan

He has impeccable manners and owns the "good at life" trait. He gets shit done effortlessly. He's been a wreck since he was 15 but, to make himself feel better, never tried smoking.

Jarred Figgins

A 10/10. THE vibe. Dressed for success.

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