Monday, 19 November 2012

Things to do if you get bored during the holidays

Be glamorous. 

Chill out in the sun/wind.

Eat pomegranates/appreciate Russian Surrealism.

Eat flowers.

Acquire amazing earrings.

Vibe your tears/feel your face.

Think about your life.

Make stuff.

Warp your perception.

Drink/play games by candle light.

Be your mirror.

Daaaaaaaaaaaance (Trance)

Scratch your head.

Commemorate Remembrance Day.

Crack out.


Vibe deers.

Vibe these things.

Go to the beach.

Marry Morrissey or Mavuso.

Kiss a girl.

Take drugs.


Get married.

Watch waves at the harbour.


Feed your cats with drugs.

Vibe horizontally.

Feel sad.

Grow a garden.

Hang out with a hot, flat-chested lesbian.

Plant poppies.

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  1. Haiya William'ziz!

    Wonderful. DREAMERS/ // ///

    Be well
    Wish well!
    Dream Hard RAVE FORRRTHHH!