Sunday, 9 December 2012

Still Life with Crack Cocaine and Musical Instruments

Everyone knows that Angelina Jolie, Winona Ryder and Brittany Murphy are the best collection of women (people) since Botticelli's Three Graces. Seeing as The Williams are so fucking full of themselves we (Fabi) decided that we had to figure out which Williams bitch is which celeb. Also don’t think we’re being self deprecating just to look cool, we’re just being refreshingly honest like Lipton Green Ice Tea as per usual. If people were wondering what our vibe is, these girls are obviously our vibe. We’ll investigate this further in the post which will obviously be cramped with pseudo-substantial statements.

So who’s who? We posed the question to our close

Internet friends and family and they had some interesting suggestions, but

obviously only Marianna really knew what was going on because she’s from Mossel Bay.

Don’t read too much into this because we are blogging while drinking Long Island ice teas and that’s not really respectable behaviour but whatevers.

Here’s what our friends and foes had to say. Some

comments are more relevant than others…

Jana's "new" boob vibe, maybe/Fabi's slutty vibe ('cause she totally has one).

Happy/drunk Ane.

Fabi learning to play musical instruments in Fairmoint.

Jana on crack in London.

Fabi on her birthday at Kimberley/Jana starving at Bainskloof/Ane listening to Lana Del Rey.

Liberal Jana hanging out with black girls only.

Inappropriate caption.

Fabi in black/lipstick, looking for/at God.

Jana popping pills.

Girl trying to touch Fabi's boob, also in Kimberley (she basically lives there).

That one time when Fabi lost ALL her shit and had to call Tyler from the pay phone outside Nando's.
Ane's fashion vibe.

Fabi's Satan vibe.

Jana trying to be black again (embarrassing).

No one really cares about Jana in her crazy serious exam mode (writing machine).

Jana/Ane photoboothing.

Fabi cracking out/irritating people.

Silent/uninvolved Fabi.

Chats in the club.

"Us learning musical instruments. Also, it is now obvious that you are Winona" - Ane

Ane pretending to smoke when she's in the club.

Fabi/Jana high on art crack.

Fabi and death vibe.

Jana out of control.


Ane and Fabi like watching 7de Laan card games vibes in the club.

Ane reading juice recipe books.

Jana and Lady Gaga.

Pot kettle black.

Some girls want to date boys, but all the boys in Cape Town are gay so this makes things frustrating. So sometimes girls can't help but snap!

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