Tuesday, 11 December 2012


Here at The Williams we don't condone violence but who are we to argue with Aaron Peters, Matt Hichens and Nic van Reenen (from hereon known as SEXY EYES) when they want to throw a party called WRESTLEMANIA?

But wait before we get to that party, let's see how our lives are doing right now. 

So what are The Williams up to right now!? Bet you are all wondering since we are so bloody important. (AGAIN: DISCLAIMER!!!!

1) JANA HAS A MASSIVE FUCKING BRUISE ON HER ASS from falling off a crate while pretending to DJ with Nicci from City Kids Sting at YOH! on Saturday. Very embarrassanté. She showed her dad and he just laughed. Oh parents why hast thou forsaken us?

2) Ané is working her fucking life away. At least that's what she says. For all we know she's having threesomes with Crystal and Ruan in the FHM office. 

3) Fabi is floating around in the ocean somewhere. She developed a lozenge-and-tea addiction after playing too many games and getting carried away at a karaoke party with a fucked throat.

Anyways back to THE PARRRTTAYYY! So it's called Wrestlemania and it's at LIQUID NIGHTCLUB which is obviously going to be a jol. One of the main reasons you should come is to see SEXY EYES in person.  If you've never witnessed the fitness that is SEXY EYES here's a little taster for you. 

Noooo where did they go! 

Ahhh there they are! <3 

WRESTLEMANIA is a line-up of sideprojects which includes:


2. GATEWAY DRUGS (Beach Party)

designed by Dagger himself who also designed the poster for the event.

3. DESERT_HEΔD (Christian Tiger School)

4. JAKOBSNAKE (Voice Tag/B-team)

5. OX ++ (Beatenberg)

If you come, we will make a promise that this will never happen again:

Or this:

Basically the only event more important than this is the JUSTIN BIEBER concert but most of you are probably not going because you are losers. Sorry for being so mean today, just feeling a bit of post-Gaga depression. 

Also we are all trying to hook up at the moment so GET WITH US, but if you don't have 3 passports or more FUCK OFF. 

If none of this made any sense to you, don't worry: GETTING THROUGH THIS POST COULD GET YOU TO THE PARTY FOR FREE.
We have 2 tickets to give away. Just share this post, tag the WRESTLEMANIA event or one of us and tell us what you think is the second best thing about the event after Nic's eyes.

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  1. i have 3 passports

    and i would still tap that ass