Thursday, 27 September 2012


Looking at these two honeys, you'd think they're just your typical fun-loving party animals...


Ané (of this here blog, pictured left) and Isaline (of Crazy White Bitches fame) have something much darker up their sleeves.  Yes, they love to party, but do you have any idea just how far they're willing to go?

News of a reported sex tape with Bloc Party frontman Kele Okereke has just broken, and is causing a storm all over the web and a number of tabloids.

Rumour has it that these two CRAZY HONEYS, in an attempt to win tickets to Rocking the Daisies via The Relevant Music Blog has given themselves in unimaginable ways to Kele Okereke, lead singer of the headlining act of this year's festival.

It's all very controversial, seeing as Ané once used to be part of Bloc Party, but supposedly got kicked out "because she was just too, err, female."
Discriminating against her again by not giving her a ticket, would be an absolute disgrace to the reputation of The Relevant Music Blog as well as the festival, who both promote themselves as liberal parties.

Since the beginning of this battle for tickets, Isaline has made it clear that she is interested in sexual relations with Okereke, suggesting, in this picture below, a fourway with the two other members of The Williams, herself and the rockstar.  In a statement issued alongside the visuals, she was quoted as to saying the following: "I am capable of beating up Fabienne if I don't win."
Due to Fabienne's fragile state, not giving Isaline a ticket would basically be like murdering a baby.

If you care for these two party gals, who have dedicated their everything to the cause of winning tickets, sign the petition by sharing this post on Facebook and be sure to tag The Relevant Music Blog. You can help dreams come true, and you can stop these ladies from further embarrassing themselves by entering MORE competitions if they don't win this one!

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