Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Naledi Radebe will put a spell on you

With equal doses of elegance, intelligence and swag, Naledi Radebe, is the poster child of the now. You say Generation Y, we say Generation why not?  Naledi is one of the finalists for the 2012 MTV BASE VJ Search and you can vote for her by SMSing “VJ2 Yes” to 33394 or voting for her online here. 

Known as @Leddi_G to the Twitterverse, Naledi is no stranger to the spotlight. She’s that girl who walks into a party and immediately all eyes fall on her. Not in an attention-seeking kind of way, she genuinely exudes an aura of unearthly delight. She has that unmistakable twinkle in her eye, confidence in her step. A bonafide hustler on the grind baby.

It’s no surprise that Naledi means “star”,  as that is exactly where this heavenly body is headed; stardom.  Don’t mistake her kindness for weakness, this stone fox is has strength by the bucketload. She usually is dripping from top to toe in gold and is never seen without a dash of print. Leddi G is always mixing her style up, she's on that hot new trend before you've even had a chance to copy her last one. She goes hard! She enchants, and from the moment you meet her, you are under her spell. 

A self-professed Frank Ocean addict, Radebe has versatile musical tastes. Her dedication to music knows no bounds. She had the title of her favourite song, Aqualung’s Strange and Beautiful, tattooed on the back of her neck. Definitely has that rebel feel about her. Too legit to quit. 

As Orion's Belt will attest, no star is completely without it's wing woman. Naledi's is very close to her two sisters; Anelisa Mangcu from Perfectly Tailored and Latoya Marivate who is a vixen in the kitchen. If it was up to Naledi, her mother would have been declared a saint long ago, that’s how much respect she has for her. She gets her sharp sense of humour from her father and her younger siblings keep her humble. 

She's already trended twice on Twitter showing her star power. Naledi is the wickedest witch from Cape Town and deserves to be MTV BASE's new VJ. She's got the kind of looks that defy gravity and a sizzling personality to match. Mzanzi don't let us down, we need more of Leddi G indahouse. 

Remember to vote for this Strange and Beautiful girl by SMSing “VJ2 Yes” to 33394 or by voting online here. 

Bisous Bisous babes! Go VOTE VOTE VOTE!

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