Friday, 28 September 2012

Kanye West in Cape Town

So Kanye West is flying into our shores this evening and I would be lying if I said we weren't literally WETTING OUR PANTS in anticipation. He is performing at this evening's Come Party With   event at the Waiting Room. Check out the event here. For 20 bucks before 11pm and 30 after, you get to see one of the greatest acts to ever hit the South African shores. Thrown into the mix is SUPERSTAR DJ (suck my metaphorical dick Guetta) RAFI and lady killer  Matt SEXFACE Hichens. And we hear co-founder Dan Brad the man might be making an appearance on the decks too. A girl can dream.

Here are SEVEN reasons we just can't get enough of Yeezy.


 He likes to rave it up with the best of us.


 He believes in true romance. He only follows Kim K on Twitter. How is that for a modern day Romeo and Juliet??!!?? And look recently he's only uploaded photos of... you guess it - KIMMY!

Kiss kiss <3

Oooh look at them getting frisky. DLISH. 


He officially put Fish Fillet on the map in the song Niggas in Paris. Rumours have been abuzz that McDonalds paid him to include this once forgotten McMeal in the song. And according STATISTICS.COM sales of the McMeal have gone up by 728%. He is a shrewd business man.


He knows how to put a bitch in her place. He grabbed the mic from Taylor Swift at the 2009 VMAs and told her what the vibe was.

Silly Beyoncé, now I know the woman is a saint, but ... She just HAD to go give Taylor a opportunity to say thank you. Thanks for ruining a great moment Bey by being so bloody perfect.


Kanye dated an alien. KUDOS for that. Not many people can claim that shit.


 HE IS BEST FRIENDS/GAY WITH JAY-Z. That speaks volumes in itself. Whoever fuxxx with Jay fuxxx with us.

This is very GAYYYYYYY!!!!! (So Cape Town should appreciate that) Kanye is literally trying to vampire bite Jay's neck. GAY.

Oh and here is Kanye being Gay with 50 Cent


He's so vain, he probably thinks this blogpost is about him. We love him for his vanity. There are enough humble stars to last us a lifetime. WE WANT PRE-NUPT! WE WANT PRE-NUPT!

EIGHT (elephants in gardens have teeth)

He has a caring side deep deep DEEP down. Look how cute he can be!

This one we call Cute with dog.

This is Cute With Ice-Cream Sweater

This is Kanye as Child. Look how sweet  he was -

Okay so technically that was eight reasons, but who's counting and rules were made to be broken blah blah blah.

Now that we have shared some of out favourite Kanyisms with you, be sure not to miss the event of the year. COME TO THIS EVENT  at the Waiting Room tonight motherChuckers! Take your body down town and worship the altar of Kanye. It will be worth it, take our word for it.

ex oh ex oh

The Williams 

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