Thursday, 9 August 2012


1. Blackberry alarms are bad.

2. People that hang out together at a flat all night to do drugs and then make comments in between the awkwardish silence when it starts getting lighter thereby drawing unnecessarily, obvious attention to the fact that they've been staying up all night doing drugs are quite embarrassing.

3. Fabi is an extended analogy.

4. Rose can't stop talking/is still doing the chatty thing.

5. Turbovite is not worth blogging about.

6. Lady Gaga is a fucking crackwhore.

7. Most music genres are to be respected but trance is too next level for brains.

8. Fabi's mom had three lungs and then she fucked up the smallest one and it had to be taken out.

9. Grace is VERY emotional about Fabi's mom's lung.

10. Alex's eyebrows are fucking neat/people are optimistic about them.

11. Julian is trending in the deep.

12. Rose is unusually obsessed with Martin's absence last night.

13. Fabi is obsessed with health tips. For example, "Strawberries are 95% water and cucumbers are 99% water"

14. Hermione is Wayde and Alex mixed together. Complete 50/50 split.

15. Fabi doesn't want to include anyone in this blogpost, otherwise they will think she is in love with them.


17. I'm not always there when you call, but I'm always on time.

18. After Hours is happening this weekend. Don't really care whatever, will probably go show face at some point just to perve on Phil's naked body.

19. Here are The Williams in Namibia when they did a trip to shop for some trendy fashion pieces to elevate Cape Town's IQ. We were investigating a diverse range of cultural vibes indigenous to Southwest Africa: in my head, sporty olympic analogy and baby military Baudelaire.

P.S. That was Jana's boyfriend.

20. Rose is inboxing every single friend she has on facebook.

21. According to unknown sources Jana is in love with Becky. 

22. We are going to take a trip to Black Rebel Motorcycle Valley for Women's Day. 

23. What is necessary? Baby don't hurt me. 

24. Most people are really good except people that are part of the official offices of the country. 

25. "Mod" is the worst word ever. 

26. Fashion News: Rihanna now too sexy for Nivea

27. Morgan is obsessed with Luke, and we are obsessed with Morgan. 

28. Ané and Gia having fun! 

29. THIS

30. Rose misunderstands Fabi. And everything. (Fabi is not everything) And can't get to the fucking point. And misunderstands relevance.

31. Fabi compiled these questions for the annual learner licence test

At Michaelis you may not...

i) Kick a lecturer in the eye
ii) Steal from the art shop
iii) Use glitter in your art

A Only (i) and (iii) are correct
B Only (iii) is correct
C All of the above are correct.

32. When you were involved in an accident, you...
may use a bit of alcohol for the shock.

33. The reservoir is NOT a valley.

34. When reading a Russian classic you can just turn it around and it will transform into your language of preference. Now you can read Crime and Punishment and War and Peace with ease (doesn't work for Anna Karenina because she is a woman. Freud does not consider women in his theories because they are secretive and insincere.

35. They're resigned to what their fate is
But not us, (no never) no not us (no never)
We are far too young and clever

36. Barclay Simpson is like Nelson Mandela, except not as good. 

37. If you are looking for something to do today you should go check out this painting in The South African National Gallery

The only thing we are not allowed to do is have a big party, but that's the only thing we did do. 

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