Tuesday, 7 August 2012


Sorry that The Williams have been MIA for a while. We have just been busy living our best lives all over the goddam place. Alcohol and Tik abuse does not make for good blogging conditions. Sorry guize we just couldn't keep it in our pants!

But WE'RE BACK and boy do we have a scoop for you.

Cape Town has its fair share of talent. With photographers and illustrators, even the odd skater here and there. HOWEVER, what we have been desperately missing until now is a BOY BAND.  


Although they have been on the Cape Town radar for quite some time, we just want to make sure no one forgets about these baby geniuses

In case you don't get the name because you are dumb and Afrikaans likes us, it's pretty ingenious.

< + 3 = <3

It makes a heart! How cute hey! 

It's so cute we might all just get it done as a tattoo.  Obviously "we might all just" means "only Jana will".

A cute, subtle vibe.

Or maybe a larger, sneaky vibe.

Or a fucking-big-in-yo-face-sideboob situation.

Brand Spanking fucking new on the scene this supergroup has taken over the city with their hit single You Live Where I Dream. Last year they hit the music scene with a Nicki Minaj inspired rap track called FASHION.



Fresher than a zygote Martin Magner.

ROY <3

Samurai sensation Roy Neubert.

And finally, more mysterious than yo mama's cuisine Dave Colley. 

Nash from The Relevant Music Blog interviewed these sexy hunks a while back and you should definitely read the article here.. They are just the right dose of confident and cocky without being overbearing. What am I even saying? They are SERIOUSLY overbearing and that’s what we like most about them.

Here is a fun little snippet from the interview

These hunks have already acquired celebrity status in Cae Town. Martin was even attacked by a fan at Fiction. A crazy honey ran up to him and screamed "LESSTHANTHREE" before biting him on the hand. Here is photo evidence bitches!

And here's another crazy fan getting their butt signed. AH GURLS GET A GRIP.

Isa from Crazy White Bitches recounts how Martin came up to her at After Hours True Romance with his shirt torn and proudly declared "The Fans!!!". Whether his fans attacked him or not is still to be confirmed. He did however conveniently have an extra shirt with him to change into. OH HEY!

Ghetto fab Gia even tried to get a piece of Martin. It's real tough keeping up with all the hungry fans. 

Their video was shot on the beach (DUHR) and is a response to One Direction's What Makes You Beautiful video.

Boy bands have a long history of galavanting around on the beach. LESSTHANTHREE carry on this proud tradition. Here are some of the best boy band-beach moments that if you didn't know now you know nigger. 

Backstreet Boys





Take That

One Direction


Here are some the best moments from their latest video!

iphone swagger alert! 


Love the crisp styling. Nothing to detract from their natural beauty!

Sexual recline. 

Move over Wade Robson, LESSTHANTHREE have arrived.

Casual hand through the hair - trés sexy! 

Watch the whole video!

Be sure to watch the whole video though! TOTES WORTH IT. Also if you see these babes out treat them like the celebs they are. Asking for autographs and providing small monetary gifts is not out of place. Also write to Assembly and demand a live performance! We need MOAR. 

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