Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Joburg in slightly blurry pictures

Fani, Isa, Princess, Jana and Parky all went to Joburg a few weeks ago. It snowed on the way. #NoWinburg. Isa and Jana scissored hard in Kitcheners (Brian Molepo has photo evidence somewhere). Oh yes,  BRIAN MOLEPO happened. Welcome donuts in the car are a real thing.  Christmas sweaters were bought in July. Vanilla vodka was downed. Jana may or may not have made out with the bouncer at The Great Dane (chilled as). The Nelson Mandela Bridge is SUCHA rave. So is getting stopped by the cops while you are overloaded ("We don't drink" - Fani). Princess (formerly known as Patrick) became an African Mama. Fani may or may not have overdosed on Adco-Dol. No worries she's resurrected Jesus style bitches. Isa should know Joburg back to front by now but she doesn't because she got blinded by rainbow palm trees. Parky's parents are basically the best thing ever. His dad rolls around in a matching blue Adidas tracksuit and smokes IN the house. BOSS. Vintage shops in Melville will try charge you R400 for your ouma's leftovers. Fuck that noise. It will cost you R150 to have your hair washed in a salon. A diet of cheese and mayo sandwiches will fuck you over in the long run.  The geese on Joburg lake are crazy honeys and will stop at nothing to get your bread treats. Rosebank market sells the best strickly dickly hotdogs. Falling in love with Gatsby on the N1 is inadvisable. Everyone fell in love with The Drums. LET'S GO SURFING!  And we all almost got murdered at a halfway house in Beaufort West. All in all a good time. Here is so photo eveidence. Sorry for the abundance of landscapes and fingers in the shots. We don't claim to be professionals. 

Left of this shot fetuses of some sort  were being sold. Casual. 

All the billboards are really grimey. 

Isa giving Jana a private performance. 

This place has the cheapest food in the world. Fact. 

Fani just blended in so well between the toys. Our Russian baby prostitute. 



Oh and although Fabi didn't come to Joburg she managed to join us all for a painting session. THANKS BABE. 

This song sums up the trip :)



Oh and if you don't come to THIS you are not relevant! 

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