Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Adrien Brody: God's GIF to Womankind

That all depends on what you want Ané to be, Adrien.

Literally don't quite understand how anyone got to be this man-like and beautiful.  Whenever Ané gets a little bit sad she just Googles Adrien Brody and the world seems OK again.  His perfect face with that perfect Jewsy nose and those sad eyes are enough to make her forget all her troubles.

A bit obsessive at times

Dating Adrien in a perfect universe, he's only 17 years Ané's senior and we all know mature men are better

Baby boo deserves that Oscar

Famous friends ovs

 Chillin' courtside with Weezy

Hanging out with Jay-Z and Beyonce.  Jana is convinced Adrien is secretly black

DTF with Kate & Nicole
Not the biggest fan of Charlize but it's good to see them hanging ten because that at least means Adrien is familiar with the concept of South Africa

Real men are comfortable with bromances

On set with Owen, Wes & Jason

Sexy as fuck

Loving his chihuahua Ceelo

Real men dance

Real men deal drugs (in movies)

 Real men play piano

Real men model for Prada. If Miuccia loves him, there must be something right with him

 Real men are not afraid to show their feelings

Mwah love you forever Adrien, if you Google yourself and come across this I promise I'm not a psycho lol! (Also, call me maybe?)


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