Friday, 1 June 2012

GIF HEAVEN by Tanya Page

gif by Mikail Solomon

You are now tuned in to a live blog session from The Hood. We've been having a serious business meeting about tax, the recession, people eating each other's faces, the civil unrest in Syria, child soldiers in Uganda, KONY 2013, global warming and the fucked state of Fani's hair. We have reached a future crisis of which the conclusion is that there can only be a next year if Fani and Fabi's dads become millionaires, for the sake of their daughters and, more importantly, themselves. They deserve it, because they've raised the most relevant, inappropriate and small daughters in the world (the opposite of something about Western world in relation to the Tributaries exhibition, which is obviously appropriate and irrelevant...and big).

This is the amazing result of this conference, courtesy of Tanya Page.

BOOK (personal favourite)