Saturday, 23 June 2012

I wanna be a cowboy baby - RODEO PARTY

Lassos, ranches, cacti , cowboys, chaps, dust, tumble weeds, stirrups, spurs, beans, bulls, howdy partner, Heath Ledger, saloon, guns, scarves, daggers, native Americans, buckaroos, Texas, wild horses and Chuck Norris. This is all happening tonight at the RODEO party at The Waiting Room. Expect bar brawls, moonshine and Nicholas Coutts naked.

Tonight the Circle of Life is taking place right before your eyes. First Ian and Tyler, then Rafi, then Ian and Tyler again. So everything ends with Sexual Tension. And Andrew Berry is obviously not playing a We-Are-Awesome set, but it will still be MAJ FUN.

This is run by the the same homies who hosted that bloody amazing Spice Girls Party.So you know it's going to be good. 

If you play your cards right this is the kind of crazy, blind drunk fun you could be having tonight. 

Go to the Facebook event and click attending here. 

Here's some cowbabe inspiration.

If that wasn't enough, these tunes should get you in the mood. 


Here's one of the many alternative views on life.

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