Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Aziz and Kanye 4 EVA

If you are ever feeling down and just generally a bit mistreated by life, just remember that - 


Yeah you heard me. 

World-renowned-ima-let-you-finsh-Louis-Vuitton-don Kanye West 

and the Tom-Haverford-playing-Indian-looking-South-Carolina-born-stand-up-comedian Aziz Ansari


Here they are goofing around with some Louis Vuitton gear 

Just chilling at a house party with some sexy honeys. Oh hey! There's M.I.A. Very casual you know.  It's fun how Kanye has his rape eyes on. Ahhh yeah. 

Oh look, Kanye being rebellious with his homeboys Kid Cudi and Aziz. Throwing a zap sign and shit. He's so badass it hurts. Aziz is smug because hell he is hanging with Yeezy. HOLLER. 

They are so close, Kanye even let Aziz appear in The Otis video. That's Aziz in the blue suit right there. Now we'll admit we also didn't notice him when watching the video the first time round BUT he was in it and that's gotta count for something. I mean you don't see Jim Fucking Carey appearing in a Kanye-Jay-Z collab video and thats because  . . . He's. Just. Not. That. Cool.   

Kanye is sucha an absolute babelicious friend that he even made it down to Aziz's stand-up show and got a t-shirt - the t-shirt was probably free but the look on Aziz's face  - PRICELESS.

These superstars are just like you and me and want the same things from their friendships. Yeah you guessed it - PHOTOBOOTH PICTURES. They are just so adorbs.

What we like about these boys is that they can kick it casual in a t-shirt and sheepskin and then they can also kick it fucking smart-ass-flamboyant in a red suit, bare chest and chaaaiiiinnns. Totes versatile on the dress code motherfuckers.

Kanye s also a super babe and doesn't keep nerdy lil Aziz away from his other cooler friends, he shows him off. Here Aziz is hanging with hip hop royalty Jigga man and Kanye. For a boy from South Carolina, YOU DID GOOD SON. 

Just when Aziz thought life could not get any better, BEYONCÉ shows up and she's all fun and flirty and up for jokes like her hubby Jay. Errrrrrrone is pulling faces, and it's a major vaaaaiib.

Chilling behind the DJ booth is how these cats roll. 

If this isn't the greatest gathering of people ever then I don't even know. Can someone please explain to me how Jay-Z, Kanye West, Aziz Ansari, Justin Bieber, Tyler, the Creator and Chris Rock  just happened to be in the same place at the same time to have this photo taken? And also who is that girl being kissed by Kanye? She is quite literally the luckiest babe alive. Aziz is of course pulling his classic I-have-my-mouth-open-because-I-can't-believe-anyone-actually-invited-me-to-this-party face. No hate.

Someone else on the internet is as obsessed with the Aziz/Kanye relationship and drew them as cats. CATS GUIZE!!! And you can buy the watercolour from her. I think this is a great fine art investment. The artist has captured their relationship perfectly. Kanye - cool, calm, collected with a chic Louis V scarf and Aziz with his mouth hanging open and dancing like a crazy. This is what a perfect friendship looks like, people. Also, Internet, I love you. 

Aziz is so exhilarated to be Kanye's friend that he dedicated a portion of his stand-up show to meeting him for the first time. It's WELL WORTH the watch and it's what inspired this post in the first place. It's the story of the first time they hung out together at a club and then at Kanye's home where Aziz finds Kanye sitting on his OWN couch, listening to his OWN album, in his OWN house, bopping his OWN head. And when he questions Kanye about it, Kanye replies "Yeah these beats are DOPE". Oh Kanye.

Aziz loved Kanye and Hova's Niggas in Paris song so much that he remixed it with emojis. CHECK THAT FRIENDSHIPNESS OUT YO. Makes my heart melt. 

So don't feel sad, don't feel blue, Aziz and Kanye should get friendship tattoos. 

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