Tuesday, 5 June 2012


A few different opinions on Barack Obama.

Ané doesn't know anything about American politics but Obama seems to be a fun guy and he has a nice face.

Jana - "He is damn sexy and he plays basketball.  What more do you want from a president?!"

Lauren Bristow reckons that his biggest achievement is becoming president.  (She mentioned that she doesn't really keep up to date with current events, and could thus be wrong.)

Phil Kramer - "You'd think the leader of the free world could get someone to hem his pants correctly."

Nicolaas van Reenen - "Barack Obama is a pretty positive dude with good teeth."

Mikhaela Brinkmann says that he is a bit of a mystery to her, and that she doesn't ever hear of him or think about him.  She also went on to say, and I quote, "If you were to ask me who the president of America is I would probably have had to seriously think about it :)"


Luca Vincenzo reckons Obama is just another puppet on a string.

Kenan James Tatt informed us (as if we didn't already know) that Obama's middle name is Hussein. "EVERY DAY HE'S HUSSEIN!"  Ah bless.

Roxanne Robinson - "I'm not sure where I stand on his political whatwhat, but I know I do love a guy who says 'yes we can' to most questions in life, a positive outlook is the right outlook."

James Acker reckons Obama is a closet gay.

Franco Fernandes - "He's a posterboy puppet for the big men upstairs. A revolutionary let-down. Unfortunately."

Ian Jepson reckons that Obama is the coolest president that will probably ever be. He also introduced us to this video of Obama singing "Call Me Maybe" by his cousin Carly Rae Jepsen.  Which is actually the point of this post because it is SO FUCKIN' AMAZING

Even if you don't like Obama I'm sure you'll enjoy these pictures of him.  Seriously, he likes everything we like, why are we not friends?!

He plays ball!

 He swims! In the ocean!

He golfs! Swoon!

 He jams!

He drinks!

He laughs! 

 He smokes!


Apologies for all the exclamation marks!!!!!!!!

EDIT:  Fabi was offline for an unusually long time and submitted her feelings about Obama late.

Here they are now:

"Blacks do it better; I am what I am I am what I am I am what i am: a family man."

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