Sunday, 3 June 2012

This is not a crystal: The Treachery of Images


You should probably take this opportunity to purchase a t-shirt that will only go up in value, and will be considered antique within a few years time. Not only can it make you stinkin' rich one day, sipping on Cristal champagne for breakfast, but you will also be the owner of a priceless souvenir of this time.


A Bateleur Cargo Cults T-Shirt to whoever comes up with the snazziest translation of what the Wingdingian tribesman on the left is saying in this picture.

Competition rules:
- there's only one, and that's that your entry must be a post on your own Facebook wall, with an @Bateleur link. The Bateleur folk will see it and announce the winner at the launch on the 15th.

So the 15th, you ask? A launch? That's right, Bateleur is launching their Cargo Cults EP at Zula Bar on the 15th of June, and you should all be there to bless you ears and see these boys below IRL!
(THIS IS RIGHT NOW BY THE WAY, live from UCT Radio studios)

From the official press release:
"The EP will be released physically as 20 Limited Edition artist series wooden discs  featuring local talent Stuart Ziegler, Bison, Givan Lotz, Sebastian Borckenhagen and Dale Lawrence, all of whom were given full creative reign on the respective designs, alongside 30 smaller wooden discs engraved with Bateleur’s own crystal insignia. Both physical releases have the music preloaded on a USB drive found inside the actual discs.
The artist series LPs will be sold through an online auction on the band’s website (launching soon) which will run from June 15th to July 6th, with the smaller discs also available online and sold at live shows.
The EP will also be available for FREE digital download via the band’s Facebook page and website from June 15th."

Artist's impression of smaller disc. Back of disc is where USB will be inserted/pop out.

To view the event for the Cape Town launch, click HERE.

And to view Bateleur's Facebook page, click HERE.


PS.  Ané got so excited that she made a crystal collar to fash up her Bateleur T-Shirt.  Here is Batebear wearing the crystal collar:

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