Wednesday, 6 June 2012


Think of anything bad about Aaron Peters, or anything bad he's ever done to anyone/you to win R1000, as well as free entry to every Bateleur gig and Christian Tiger School set ever - and a night with Aaron.

Here are a few opinions on Aaron:

One of the nicest, most genuine guys I know. And you can quote me on 

- Ian Jepson

Not coloured or white, but "South-African" (his parents taught him That). 
Prankster deluxe; once convinced a chef on the tube that he was a worlfamous musician.
Biggest, cutest smile, pretty charming actually. Best boy person, although I wish he still straightened his hair for my amusement. 
- Jana Luluzaza
I don't think Aaron knows how to not smile. 
- Ané Strydom
Hottay, cutay. Also, he is the king of swamps.
- Naama Tsalik
The best person in Cape Town. He is such a kind and romantic
hunk who should be awarded Best Manager in the world. 
- Fani Segerman

Aaron is like the nicest guy in the world.
He doesn't use his coloured dance skills enough.
When Aaron smiles the world seems okay.
He's also really funny when he wants.
Plus he's like the best manager in the world cause he made crystals 
relevant again.
- Isaline Goemaere

Nice and brown, good guy, friendly, funny.
Good at managing life for other people.
-     Tyler Smith

That guy works hard as shit!
- Daniel Malan
- Matt Hichens
Aaron thinks telling people he's coloured is funny.
Aaron likes to think I get the humour he shares with Matt Hitchens... I 
don't. Aaron is one of my very best friends. I have a lot of respect for him and I love him. He reminds me of things I often forget I like.
about myself. 
- (Philippus) Johan Schutte

Ali and Tyler, loving Aaron.


Here Aaron is chilling with Sean Paul, a picture of heaven. 

And here are a few fun facts by Sean Friedman:

He's a bit of an enigma
He was brought up super Christian which is probably why he's so nice
He doesn't get along with his sister
who used to bully him
At church he used to join in on the whole shaking around frothing at the mouth Jesus all up in side of me thang
'cos everyone else was doing it'

Aaron, managing life

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