Thursday, 24 May 2012

Come Party With ... OPRAH

If you wanna cut the crap and go straight to the Facebook event, click HERE, but I strongly advise you to read throught the 'crap'.

Oprah says "LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE" and who are we to argue with her??!!? She's flying down to South Africa as we speak to come party with Cape Town at The Waiting Room. You don't want to miss out on this once in a lifetime opportunity. Gayle, Stedman, Dr Phil and Dr Oz are all coming along for the ride too. Suze Orman is not coming because she is not invited, NO ONE liked your "Debt Diet" series, bitch. 

So the Daniel and Daniel team (Should we just call them DSquared?) behind last summer's banging VACATION parties are back again and this time they are not fucking around. "Come Party With ..." is a new monthly series of parties to be held at The Waiting Room on a Friday. Like them on Facebook here! And check out this week's event here! If VACATION was anything to go by, then these parties should be a fun and flirty and veeerrrrryy slutty. 

Here are DSquared horsing around. How can you not want to party with these hunks? I MEAN C'MON.

Look at these fun invitations they made for the party. They are just the most babelike.

Oprah is a bit of a contentious issue in the Williams. Jana is OBSESSED with her (as with most things). Ané CAN'T STAND her. And Fabi met her once and she was very attention seeking, but does admit that she doesn't have to be blacktised. Needless to say we all want to go for different reasons. Ané's might involve a punch in the face. 


We have compiled some reasons as to why this party is a MUST!


1. You might get given a free car. EVERYONE likes free cars.

2. Tom Cruise will be jumping on The Waiting Room couches and you are free to join him. We spoke to The Waiting Room and they are TOTALLY cool with it. 

3. If you are feeling down, depressed or stressed from exams, Oprah will hold your hand and be kind and supportive. She's down like that. 

4. You never know what Oprah's gonna look like. She might be skinny as fuck or a curvy babe (FAT). You'll have to come on down to The Waiting Room to see for yourself. 

5. Stedman will be there! Yes you heard right, Oprah's long time life partner Stedman will be there in the flesh and you can ask him all sorts of embarrassing questions like "Why does Oprah not want to marry you?", "Why won't Oprah have children with you?", "Are you actually gay?" NOTHING IS OFF LIMITS. And you might even see him and Nic Coutts hooking up!!!

5. Oprah will be drunk! As she no longer has to tape for The Oprah Winfrey Show, Oprah will be getting her drank on. No holds barred. And she's a rich bitch so she will be buying shots for everyone. You wouldn't want to miss that. 

6. Things are bound to get emotional. Snot en trane are definitely on the menu and while this isn't everyone's favourite, no one likes to miss a good drama. Waiting Room has kindly ordered ample toilet paper to make sure everyone has something to wipe their tears away with. Thanks dolls! 

7. LOOK UNDER YOUR SEATS! You heard me! If you come early there will fabulous gift bags hidden underneath the seats! You never know what could be inside them. A holiday to Australia? A dinner date with Beyoncé? Anything is possible!

8. There will be bees! We don't really understand this either, but HEY. 

9. There is going to be killer music and Oprah loves to dance!!! Young Supreme, Rafi OG and Terrence Pearce will be providing the tunes and Oprah will be breaking it down like this - 

10. There will be hot people. Are you cold? Feeling a bit lonely? In need of some winter loving? Never fear Oprah rides with a superfly posse . She also knows about a million people and you never know who she is going to bring with her. It might be Jay Z. Or Maybe Sarah Ferguson, the Dutchess of York, or maybe even that author she insulted? What was his name again? Oh yes James Frey - He'll be in A Million Little Pieces of course. 

There you have it, 10 REASONs you simply have to Come Party with Oprah.
The party starts at 9, and don't be too late. You want gifts and the chance to have some one-on-one time with The Queen of Talk. 

SO come party with The Williams and everyone else at The Waiting Room tomorrow night! You can tell us how much you hate/love our blog while we are downing shots and doing the Bus Stop dance with Oprah. Fabi will probably lose her head and Ané can give you advice about fashion. WHAT MOAR DO YOU WANT!??


We'll leave you with a few of the best moments in time at The Waiting Room like, EVER

Gia feeling herself up

Jana getting felt up

Mia giving Kyle a PK

Nic being himself


Oprah the last time she was at Waiting Room

 Mavuso imitating Phil

XOXO See you ALL there or stop reading our blog XOXO


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