Thursday, 3 May 2012


Fabi has to write 20 sentences about a local celebrity who isn't Charlize Theron and the only other one she knows of is Paul Ward (obv). She did, however, feel the need to so some research on 'celebrity' and came across these 'interviews'.

She fell in love with Russell Brand on the day that she had the worst hangover of her life and was the more incapable than Pete and Amy playing with mice.

Just to illustrate how bad it was.

Watched this interview of Kate a few years ago in St James where the TV's at. She was the only celeb I knew of back then, apart from Lucky Dube of course.

This is not really an interview but maybe a better version of one.

What a spiritual guy 1.

What a spiritual guy 2.

Young Angelina living her life.

When Fabi's dad hates life/her, he tells her to just be more like Natalie Portman. (?!)

Ellen beat us to this :(


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