Sunday, 6 May 2012

Under the sea

Let's be honest. Everyone would prefer living under the sea. It's awkward since we're all too retarded, cripple or paedophile to pull it off. We should all acknowledge this problem and just drown ourselves in jealousy for these people (and Frank Ocean obv):


Perfectly blonde mermaid

Ane's blog is all about that shit.

Underwater romance (more acceptable than on land)

Underwater fashion (acceptable!)

Art is NEVER acceptable. Not even underwater.


Still don't know if they took drugs on the Titanic or not.

Leonardo went through an underwater fetish in the 90s. Before his time.

Some free love on the freelove Beach.

See how hard everyone is trying:

Last, but obviously not least, even The Ward is in with the crowd!

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe trend-spotting:

sang to him, she spoke to him:

Shame on your human skills,

Luring my little ones to die

In heat that chokes and kills!

How snug the little fishes are

There in the depths below!

Come down to them, come live with them,

And true content you’ll know!

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