Wednesday, 9 May 2012


Nicholas Coutts is our gayboyfriend. We love him mostly because he's ridiculous, funny and naked most (all) of the time.  Tonight Ané finally got the chance to access his Facebook and find all the best tagged pictures of him being 110% Couttie, as he hides these special specials from anyone but himself. But now, thanks to us, you can see Nic in all his naked glory!

While Daniel is casually sleeping...

Stripping in De Kelders

A sleepover with Christina, Ané & Jana

d-floor sex

Bitches love it when Nic gets naked!!!!

Taking his panties off


To make things even more exciting, Nic also has this way of getting ridiculously hot foreign men that he's never ever met IRL to get naked for him over Skype. This here is Mr X from Sweden and I'm basically drooling all over myself/my macbook as I type this. ENJOY LADIES!


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