Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Suburban Bliss

On Saturday Fabi and Ané went to Babyhunk's parents' house in Suburbia and Ané recorded 7 hours of audio & visuals (without anyone else's knowledge) while 30 Seconds and other activities were going down.  As it is quite a hefty process to go through 7 FUCKIN' HOURS OF AUDIO, we have decided to give you a teaser, in the form of screenshots, of what went down on the night.  STAY TUNED FOR THE FULL DEAL. 

Babyhunks chising Isa (and getting her name wrong, playa!)

Babyhunk, moving on to Taliah

Ian being old

Patrick & Ané, on the topic of 30 Seconds

Tyler talking about Ali

Fabi & Isa talking about Cape Town

So there you have it folks, a Saturday in the suburbs!

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