Thursday, 3 May 2012

Google Us Baby

So Jana Googled THE WILLIAMS and Look what she found. GOTH, NAKED, FASHION BITCHES FOR DAYS. 

Here are the search results. TA- DA!


According to Google Fabi obviously is Ané, she should probably wear a I AM ANÉ t-shirt at all times. She also apparently looks quite similar to the boxer/model Dudley O'Shaughnessy. I CAN TOTALLY SEE IT. She loves catching big fish and won 3rd place in a Dutch gymnastics (??) competition. The website had this to say about her- Fabiënne bleek een stabiele factor in de groep, op alle toestellen wist zij haar oefeningen uitstekend uit haar hoofd en werd bij de evenwichtsbalk maar liefst zevende en in het totaal klassement 17e. STANDARD. She also has a thing for Elvis and LEVIS jeans, but come on who doesn't know that about her? Nothing revolutionary here Google. Thanks for NOTHING. 

Best photo Google has of Fabi - 


Google shows us Jana is a middle-aged Afrikaans woman  with reddy, brown hair who loves wearing pink. NOT FAR OFF GOOGLE. She also looks very similar to Fani and Kyla which is also totes understandable. People in Cape Town always confuse those three girls. They are practically triplets. Jana also loves acting a fool on Photoshop, eats McDonalds and loves painting black people. SCARILY ACCURATE. She should probably consider changing her name because Google knows everything about her. We have no idea who that girl is in the 3rd photo in the top row though. Google must've made a mistake. Jana would never be a colour blocked mess with bangs. DUH. 

Best photo Google has of Jana - 


FASHION, FASHION AND MORE FASHION. Ané was clearly not lying when she claimed to have a "pash for fash". Google corroborates her story. And to be honest we are quite freaked out. This girl eats fashion for breakfast, lunch and dinner and even sneaks fash snacks when no one is looking. CALM DOWN GURL if you don't watch out, you are going to overdose on fashion, and then Paul Ward will probably take an editorial of the scene. Lea Colombo fashion, Megan Mitchell fashion, Azuli  fashion, ChiChi fashion, Adele fashion, Blonde hair fashion, brunette hair fashion - SHE'S GOT IT ALL. 

Best photo Google has of Ané - 

Us bitches are going to work hard to change our Google images search because clearly this is not working out for us. SLASH we love and and don't GIVE A DAMN about our bad reputations.

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  1. Laughing! People at work looking at me funny.
    Love it!