Thursday, 10 May 2012

Mzansi videos FoSho

South Africa is kind of dope. 

Here is our first selection of favourite videos from the only and only MZANZI. There is just so much good going around. 

Remember when SABC 1 presenters used to make their own videos? Yeah we do too, it was the best! SIMUNYE

Here are our favourite remakes. 

Britney's Baby One More Time by Simunye presenters

And Oops! I Did It Again by Simunye presenters. This one is AMA-ZING

Dont't know the name of this, but WATCH! So good. 

DJ Cleo, Facebook

We love DJ Cleo for realising how relevant Facebook is. DON'T TAKE MY NUMBAH...
We are waiting for "Twitter" and/or "Tumblr". Please DJ Cleo :)

Gazelle, Die Verlore Seun

We like this because it's funny and we can relate to missing die disko ligte te veel. DUH.

Skwatta Kamp, The Clap Song


DJ Sbu feat Zahara, Lengoma

This video is the ish because it has that Summer-in-the-city-LUX feel. You kind of just want to be transported into it, and have a beer with your boys while driving around with the top down. It also has Noni Gasa in it looking super fly in  black mesh number. Only downside is Zahara doesn't make an appearance which is obviously sad because she is a TOTAL BABE. 

Exorsistahs, You Lie You Die

Dark balaclava clad boys, supreme voodoo kweens in the back of limos and dark beats - what more do you want from a video? Follow them like twiddur @GHXSTPXPTVRT @kylaphil

Yvonne Chaka Chaka, I'm burning up

Yvonne Chaka Chaka is the HEAT? Fire engines and cheesy fire effects won't disappoint. RING THE ALRAM. 

Kurt Darren, Lekker Lekker

Don't even know what to say about this? Obviously had to include it, it's just so ridiculous. Kurt Darren in a Men in Black by a pool surrounded by half naked girls. WINNER. Just for LOLZ

Lebo Mathosa, Ntozabantu

Caves, peroxided hair, banging body. We miss you Lebo. RIP.


Yvonne Chaka Chaka, Let Him Go

This might be the best music video to ever have come out of South Africa. SERIOUSLY THE COLOURS YO. The "fashion. The girls, the boys, the dancing. Everything is TIP TOP. 

Join us again next time for more of our favourite video's from South Africa! Also suggestions welcome. So much to love here. 

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