Thursday, 24 May 2012


FABI IS A CHANGED WOMAN. Spent the last 24 hours high on DRAKE and CRACK and art about conversations between her and Ra-ees, titled This isn’t what we spoke about, but we spoke about this. Also lying down next to a tree is more fun than scrubbing your hands, but you only learn that when you're on crack and put to lying baby child position just before being forced to look alive when your skin is apparently grey and pink cause you're a premature dying baby. Rose is a coffee SNOB, but at least she understands that I don't know white girls with deep fryers, a big container or fucking fridge thing filled with oil to throw food in. 

The best thing about CRACK/DRAKE, is that EVERYONE likes it.


This is what crack makes you feel like (basically how Fabi feels today!!):

Ra-ees and Amy Winehouse have so much in common (crack Fabi; "fuckery")

The sauces next to Ra-ees here are the reason I am NEVER eating chips again.

Also shout out to Patrick who joined the party last night and sorry for being a bossy bitch!

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