Thursday, 24 May 2012

Fantasy Dinner Party

Imagine you could have a dinner party with 10 guests DEAD, ALIVE OR FICTIONAL, and at any age in their lifespan. Also not limited to human beings, duh who would do that? Gooosh. HOW MINDFUCKINGWONDERFUL would that be?

Here are 25  lists from our favourite babes. The dinner guests are arranged in no particular order.

We think it says a lot about a person. JUDGE AWAY BITCHES


Phillipus Johan's selection

1. Noah Lennox AKA Panda Bear
2. Dave Portner AKA Avey Tare
3. Brian Weitz AKA Geologist
4. Josh Dibb AKA Deakin
5. David Foster Wallace (specifically because he's an amazing writer, he committed suicide and he was mildly against the system, and I'd like to see if he gets nervous while interacting with my other guests
6. Mitchell Gilbert
7. Vlooi, female dog who died 2 years ago. She'll get table scraps (she'll get a full meal)
8. Karl Blossfeldt, deceased plant photographer. He was active in the 1920s, his work's unparalleled.
9.Vashti Bunyan and
10. Liz Harris to equate the sexual ratio a bit more and to lull me to sleep afterwards. I'll let Vashti cook too. Liz must just chill.

Check out his Tumblr - commonwealthy

Ian "DAGGER" Jepson's selection

1. Kurt Vonnegut
2. Louis CK
3. David Cronenberg
4. Hunter S. Thompson
5. Keith Richards
6. Carl Sagan
7. George Clooney
8. Angus Young
9. Ron Swanson
10. Lana Del Rey

One epic dinner party.

Fabi's Selection

1. Kate Bush
2. Brenda Fassie
3. Heath Ledger
4. Edie Segwick
5. Heathcliff
5. Édith Piaf
6. Oscar Wilde
7. Russell Brand
8. Grace Jones
9. Fela Kuti
10. Debbie Harry
11. Basquiat
12. Kate Moss
13. Bjork
14. Woody Allen
15. Pedro  Almodóvar
16. Serge Gainsbourg
17. Prince

Why so many? 

"More is more"/indecisiveness 

Justlike Jane's selection

1. Eminem in 1999 (when the Slim Shady LP cam out)
2. Justin Bieber (Obviously)
3. Dead Prez
4. Ron from Harry Potter (but as Ron not his real life personality)
5. Hank from Californication
6. Nathan from Misfits
7. Jay Z
8. Drake
9. Dr Dre and
10. Snoop Dogg (both in 2001)

This is the Snoop and an Dre she wants

Fabi's Dad's selection

1. Albert Camus
2. Lucky Dube
3. Rumi
4. Elvis
5. Marianna Faithfull
6. Yeats
7. Marlon Brando
8. Rudolph Valentino
9.Greta Garbo
10. Zoroaster
11. James Dead
12. Audrey Hepburn

"More is More" runs in the family I guess.

Sanelle Vosloo's selection

1. Pikachu
2. Bach
3. Freud
4. Zooey Deschanel, because her and Pikachu have common ground)
5. A priest that has molested children (I want to punch someone)
6. Nicki Minaj, because she is a hoodrat
7. Naomi Campbell and,
8. Karl Lagerfeld, because Naomi can throw her cellphone at the priest and Karl can call him "Drab".
9. Ian SomerHalder (from Vampire Diaries)
10. Leonardo DiCaprio, but rewind to Titanic and Basketball Diaries age.

Marius Scholtz''s Selection

1. Andy Samberg
2. Albert Troost
3. Mikhail Gobracev
4. Louis Armstrong
5.  Leonard Cohen
4. Audrey Tautou
6. Lea Vivier
7. Thabo Mbeki
8. Guy Richie
9. Scarlett Johannson
10. Darth Sidious (Just to ask him "Why")

Isaline Goermare's selection

1. Young Mandela
2. James Watson
3. Rihanna
4. Luc Montagnier
5. Justin Bieber
6. Dudley O'Shauneghessy
7. J.K. Rowling
8. Roahl Dahl
9. Ellen Degeneres
10. Barrack Obama

Member of Crazy White Bitches

Ane's  selection

1. Adrien Brody
2. Helena Bonham Carter
3. Seth Cohen (Adam Brody's character in The OC)
4. Tavi Gevinson
5. Jenny Mellor (Carey Mulligan's character in An Education)
6. Lady Gaga
7. Jeremy Clarkson
8. Morrissey
9. Johnny Depp
10. Bob Dylan

Check out her blog AND her Tumblr #BLOGLICIOUS

Gia Sivitilli's selection

2. Lady Gaga
3. Snooki and Deena (They count as one)
4. Kim Kardashian
5. Scott Disick
6. Jerry Springer
7. Tupac
8. Charlie Sheen
9. Joan Rivers
10. Julius Malema (Him and Joan will be great friends)

Send her a sexy Tweet - @GiaSivitilli

Kyle Brinkmann's selection

1. The guy that invented humans (Lucifer?)
2. Claire Forlani
3. Jay-Z
4. Diplo
5. Diplo's Drug Dealer
6. 18 year old Angelina Jolie
7. Quincy Jones
8. Spider-Man (comic book version not Tobey Maguire)
9. Hologram Tupac
10. Daft Punk (they only get one chair)

Kyle makes music, check out Das Kapital's Soundcloud

Warren Papier's Selection

1. Mr Chinwag (Kideo)
2. Michael Jackson
3. Chuck Norris
4. Ginger Spice
5. Barnie
6. The Boogie Man
7. Tokoloshi
8. Bob the Builder
9. Snopp Dogg
10. Andrew Berry

Photograher for Diary of Ward

Rose  Roses' selection

1. Samson aka Perfection - Best her cat
2. Hermanus Ling Ping - Her cat
3. Hello Kitty - Asian animated cat
4. Simba - The pridelands cat)
5. Marie - French animated cat
6. Aqua  - Jana’s cat
7. Tigger - Michaela’s cat
8. Azlan - Narnia’s cat
9. Crookshanks - Hermoine’s cat. DUH
10 Yoda - Robyn’s cat


Daniel Malan's selection

Malan had to be special and provide his choices in photos, and only photos -  "ART"



3.  (Because this is obviously one person)








Check out his Tumblr - Good Hope

Lauren Rose's selection

1. Frank Ocean
2. Holly Would
3. Bill Murray
4. Brittany Murphy
5. Aaliyah
6. Pharrell Williams
7.Thom Yorke
8. Animal Chin
9. Jana Terblanche - I want someone to share it with.
10. Klaus Nomi

Jana's selection

1. Britney Spears

2. Alis Pelleschi from

3. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

4. RhaRha Nembhard from The Capital of Cool

5. Esther Greenwood from The Bell Jar

6. Kat Geràn from teenage witchery

8. Valeria Lukyanova of Internet fame

9. Polly-Louisa Salmon aka Girlfriend of the Year aka GFOTY

10. Michael Alig, the notorious club-kid-turned-murderer who is now in jail.

Caitlin Polly Weare's Selection

1. Elvis
2. Obama
4. The dwarf from The Lord of the Rings
5. Dolly Parton
6. Ed Young
7. A unicorn with a mustache
8. Hitler
9. Holocaust Museum Lady
10. Jack Dawson

(Obviously there is tension between Hitler and the unicorn over who has a better mustache)

Mikhaela Chloe Brinkmann's selection

1. Freddy Mercury
2. Cookie Monster
3. Jay Z
4. Christian from Moulin Rouge
5. Lil Wayne
6. Marilyn Monroe
7. Russel Brand
8. Jana Terblanche
9. Paul Ward
10. Katy Perry

Young Fanisun's selection

1. Elvis
2. Justin Bieber
3. Hodgy Beats
4. Dino
5. Lana Del Rey
6. Paul Simonon
7. Nicholas Cage
8. My dead cat Ruthy
9. Kate Moss
10. Kourteney Kardashian

Member of Crazy White Bitches

Jody Brand's Selection

1. Unathi Mkonto
2. Kimye
3. Andy Warhol
4. Rihanna
5. Lindsay Lohan
6. Snoop
7. Brenda Fassie
8. Lebo Mathosa
9. Goofy
10. Pharrell

Follow her on TWIDDUR - @datbitchseyonce

Patrick Visser's selection

1. Woody Allen
2. Leonard Cohen
3. Tyler, The Creator
4. Harmony Korine
5. Stanley Kubrick
6. Lillian Gish
7. Ernest Hemingway
8. Alfred Hitchcock
9. Anna Karina
10. Milan Kundera

Substitute: Morrissey, but he probably won't come.

Tweet at a bitch - @franklymydeary

Matthew Oldfield's selection

1. Scarlet Johansen
2. Scarlet Holmes - CRUSH
3.Sailor Jerry (tattoo artist)
4.An american indian chief (only if we can communicate)
5.Jesse James (bank robber)
6. James dean (obvs)
7.Keith Haring
8. Karl Lagerfeld
9.Effie from skins
10.The Orical

Paul Ward's selection

Paul wants to have dinner with just other Paul Wards. But obviously.

1. Paul Ward playing just dance

2. Paul Ward from

3. Paul Ward from Salsa by Dorothy Johnson & Paul Ward, Oct 8, 2011

4. Paul Ward from The Crazy Adventures of Paul Ward - Episode 1 - The Fire

5. Paul Ward, the singer of Wander Alone


6. Paul Ward of the Nordonia High School Football team

7. Paul "Hippo" Ward, Irish gangster convicted and later found innocent on appeal of the murder of Veronica Guerin

8. Paul Ward from Paul Ward Raving 1, Watch him do some freehand raving below.

9. Paul Ward, who works at Ed Hardy

10. Paul Ward the gospel singer. Listen to him sing a classic below.

Check out the real Paul Ward's site DIARY OF WARD

Andrew Berry's selection

1. Ian Curtis
2. Anthony Keidis
3. Roberto Baggio
4. Lana Del Rey
5. Jack White
6. Robert Downey Jr
7. Jennifer Aniston
8. Alan Shearer
9. Alexa Chung
10. Pete Doherty
11. Fiona Berry - he get's 11 because he is Andrew Berry and this is his gran <3

Check his site WE-ARE-AWESOME

Mavuso Mbutuma's selection

1. 2pac
2. Biggie Smalls
3. Harmony Korine
4. Naomi Campbell
5. Anna Wintour
6. Patrick Swayze
7. Grace Jones
8. Gianni Versace
9. Whitney Houston
10. Ke$ha

Also Ra-ees sorry your list was lost, not good with loose pieces of paper. SORRY OWWWKAY??

WE HERE AT THE WILLIAMS CAN'T BE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR ANYONE'S TASTE/LACK OF CULTURE/EXCESSIVE CULTUREDNESS. We don't agree with most things our friends do or say and that's what makes them the best. 

IT'S BEEN REAL. Time to clean up the post-dinner mess.

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