Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Babe of the Week: Jane Alexander

Babe of the Week is aBRAND NEWsection on this blog. Are you excited?!!?? We will bring you the hottest/coolest/oddest babes from around the globe. Right now it's all about Jane Alexander. She is simply the best. Jane, Jane, Jane, you are everything.

When you Google Jane Alexander this crazy shit pops up. Like Google, why are you so errrr irrelevant??? Who is the grey haired villian? That's no Jane Alexander. Nuh uh girlfriend.

Sad to report that Wikipedia is also on this crack. Like who really believes that Jane Alexander is an American actress? WIKIPEDIA, Y U NO TELL THE TRUTH?

For those of you that have been living under a rock and don't know what conceptual art, or just art, or life is, Jane Alexander is obviously a ZUPA FAMOUS artist who lectures at Michaelis (worst/best place ever) and The Williams think she the Ahhhmazin! Look at what a hottie she was in her youth. RON SWOONSON. Those eyes and that hair are simply dreamy. Totes pulling a 90s look in the 80s. Like Fabi's stalker she is ahead of the curve. We tend to attract these types!

These days she doesn't make art anymore (probably because she realised the futility of artl/fish), but she lectures and teaches people like Jana on how to make cretestone sculptures. Jana is so smart she came up with an idea IN the lecture and pitched it and guess what - - - - - -  Jane Alexander loved it. SO now she is in everyone's good books and is basically the most relevant bitch on the block. She's also super hardcore. She made this frightening sculpture in the 80s and was super casual when she said just a few minutes ago "I just made it in time for an exam, never knew it was going to take on a life of it's own". How modest is she! Awww shucks Jane no need to hide the fact that you are a genius. WE ALL KNOW. She is also super sweet and kind and soft-spoken. Basically just the best person ever. I hope she never reads this because how super embarrassed would The Williams be if Jane knew that we loved her?? So embarrassanté! However, if she does -


Here is the super scary/hardcore sculpture that put her on the map. If you ask us we think those Butcher Boys are pretty darn hot. Look at those bodies. OBSESSED.

We hail Jane Alexander. Join us again next week for Babe of the Week. You never know who we are going to shine the spotlight on. Could be anyone from Germaine Greer to Tylee Minogue. We're DTF with a whole spice rack of babes. 

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