Wednesday, 18 April 2012


Patrick in heaven.

Patrick doing his fucking job.

Patrick and his lover.

Hardcore Patrick in school. He used to give the guards toast for breakfast so they could let him out and he'd never have to attend anything.

THE Patrick pose. Indie fashion boy in a fucking alley.

Photoboothing with Jana and Fabi for Andre Leo.

Wearing Misha's Haezer cap (ovs). Misha HATES 'hipsters' and probably conceptual art too, but he has a great face, which makes Fabi very forgiving.

Fabi and Fatrick have been friends since grade school. She used to call him Baba, but then started calling someone else that which made shit weird, so now she's calling him Babylicious, cause he's just so sweet right now. The point of the post this amazing story, told by Patrick:

'Yesterday I spoke to a lecturer about the film Irreversible. We talked about how the director uses shock value and loves graphic imagery. Then we discussed the intense 14 minute rape scene in the film. A guy in the class said: "I loved that fucked up shit. I'll make a nice meal and eat while watching that scene." Then he raved about how badly he wants to see the film and how amazing it sounds. This morning when I arrived at school, Stuart (the rape enthusiast) told us that for our final project at the end of the year he wants to make a 5 minute short film which will consist of a scene in which someone gets raped. His words: "I want to make it with you, Patrick. I'll produce it, do the camera work and lighting. I like you. Fuck the rest of them. We understand each other." I thought you'd enjoy the story.'

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