Friday, 27 April 2012

Brian vomited (he's a hippie)

Have you guys heard of Photoshop? It's this super cool thing that let's you edit photos like magic! Don't know where it came from but maybe Fabi's cousin invented it?!? Well anyways he showed it to Fabi and Jana in Beleza which is their new home. Bitches are plugging out lamps and plugging laptops in. Getting involved basically. Back to Photoshop - it's fucking amazing and you can change how photos look. AND IT LOOKS REAL. Photoshop = Magic. Magic = god. Leonard Miller = god.

Here he is in the sky. Fabi and Jana look a photo of her cousin and he edited it on Photoshop using his mad skillzz. Holla inventor of Photoshop in the sky!!! Also don't you just love the quality of this photo? IT'S ACE.

Since Photoshop and Photobooth are cousins (Like Fabs and Leonard) we are now seriosly wondering if he invented Photobooth too? It's clearly probable. Here's the Leonard Miller website. Go see photos of buildings, birds and some chicks. Basically poultry.

Jana asked Leonard if he ever goes by the name Leo, like DiCaprio, and he had this to say

"Lately I've  been going for Len, but that's been going for like 2 weeks now." Cause lately and now are obviously the same thing. DUH.

So briefly interviewed "Len" about his views on Photoshop. Here's the interview.

Jana: Is Photoshop magic?
"Len": No, it's just like um...magic.

"Len" also has world views like this one "Chinese people are the worst. After Whites". Oh Len you gem.  ALSO he DJed in china and says "It's just so nice to play your own music to Chinese people".
Here is a picture Lenny took of Chinese people:

We just  are just so in love with love it's preposterous. Fabi is very serious about love and didn't want the next picture included to be "too corny".  So here's the serious vibe that we are just digging. LANK.  STOKE.

Fabi and Jana got so bored the other day they decided to make some art. Why not hey? So out came Isa's dad's camera and they look super arty portraits of each other.

Fabi saved these super cool photos in a folder called "Jana thanks" which is remarkably similar to  Thanks, India, Bateleur's hit single. Check it out HERE. Ane is not included in out arty portraits because and Ane is in Mossel Bay, mostly because it rhymes with her name. I mean who goes to places that doesn't rhyme with their name?


Fabi made more art because she just loves that shit. Check out her latest offering below, titled "Dead Girl marries Coral Reef". It's banging.

Fabi has always been a pathological lyar as can be seen below:

The Williams are really into LOVE at the moment. It's so haute right now. We just love everything and everybody. Everyone should listen to this Lucky Dube song , Together As One, and feel. Also, and this is very relevant, Fabi's dad disagrees with our love of Photoshop and thinks that Lucky Dube is way better than Photoshop.

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