Friday, 20 April 2012


Fani and Jana have discovered that they have a mutual obsession with Elvis Presley. This is like the bestest discovery ever! It's really suprising that people aren't more vocal about their love of Elvis. Elvis is someone that has many die hard fans mostly from older generations, and truly deserves that love. Good-looking and talented as fuck is a rare trait. He is an absolute gem/icon/god/hero/badass. His face is so beautiful, it's almost painful to look at. That jet black hair, that bone structure and dem moves. MEGA SWOON. Sure he had turbulent times in his life and isn't exactly everyone's role model (although here at The Williams we think differently).

Sure he turned into a bit of a drag queen by the end, but it's all in the name of rock n roll. And yes he basically died on the toilet, but his voice was out of this world. Touches the heart. We have nothing but love for him.

Elvis is one of those people who must've been life-changing live, his live recordrings are often better than the studio stuff. The Sun Sessions is an exception though, Fani has that album on repeat sometimes.

This face could break a million hearts. AND DID.


Elvis and Priscilla are one of our favourite couples ever. They are so dark and trashy and rock n roll. It's just amazing that they got married in Las Vegas. Perfect really. 

Look at their banging style!!!! 

Imagine Elvis was your dad, that must be so weird. Jana has read a biography on his and she claims he was a good father. He really was a good, honest man plagued by demons but still had a big heart. 

Although we have many music boy lovers -  like Justin Bieber, Usher, Drake, Morrissey 
 - Elvis hazs a special place in out hearts. We salute you Elvis, you will never be forgotten.


Here are some of our favourite songs. 


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