Monday, 23 April 2012


Our friend Johan asked us yesterday why we haven't blogged about how fucking nice he is (see above), so we decided to just get it over and done with and have a little chit chat with him about his VERY SERIOUS BLOG, and just ask him about himself in general.  Here's a little picture of Johan with a fun glitter caption added by Ané (just to contradict his SERIOUS FACE)

So Johan and Manny came over to Fabi's flat to chat and here's some of the highlights of the conversation.  We didn't talk about Johan much at all, which is a pity, because he is actually a really nice guy.
Anyway, here's some of the highlights:

Fabi to Johan:  How was your radio interview?
Johan: What radio interview?
Fabi: Oh I just made that up

Fabi: WOW! That was sooo hard.
Johan: What?
Fabi: Typing, the hardest thing ever.  I typed four lines and it felt like a novel.
Johan and Manny laugh uncontrollably.
Johan: That was an AMAZING quote!  That was amazing!

Fabi: Johan is jumping around like a BUNNY!
Johan: That is EXACTLY what I was doing, you got meee!

Johan: Who made all this art?
Fabi: Your mom.

Fabi: I'm gonna read this book then my life is gonna chaaaange.  Can you read it from there?
Johan: What? Oh 'HOW TO ENJOY YOUR WEEDS'? Saw it on Facebook.
Fabi: WHAT?
Johan: Saw it on Facebook.
Fabi: Oh, I'm gonna read it and be a better person.

Johan: Who made that?
Fabi: Uhm….
Johan: It COULD be art.
Fabi: I know.  It's Donald Judd.
Johan: Oh.
Johan: OK.

Fabi: Why is everybody looking at me?
Ané: I might turn this into a blogpost about Fabi.
Fabi: I'll make YOUR FACE into a blogpost.  Just your face EVERYWHERE! No background, no banner, no even tabs at the top.  EVERYTHING goes away, just your face.
Johan: My face would be a background.
Fabi: I'm talking to Ané but ok, you can have your face a background if you wanna.
Manny: It's all about Johan guys.
Ané: I'm trying to keep it about Johan but it's difficult.
Johan: I'M trying to keep it about Johan but it's difficult.

Fabi: Why is Ané so weird?  Oh no she's normal!

Fabi: That's not the point, the point is… [Laughs] Fuck, I forgot about the point!

Ané: Uhm… Would you like me to add some of your photographs to the post?
Fabi has a laughing attack.
Ané: I really like your pictures.
Fabi: Is this really happening? Is this ACTUALLY happening?
Ané: This is really happening. Yes.
Johan: Well if you like the pictures then…
Ané: That's the point.  Johan wants to get promoted in life, because he knows we're really famous.
Fabi: Ya.
Johan: Ya, that's EXACTLY what.
Ané: Ya.
Johan: I don't ask anybody else.
Ané: Hmm.

Johan: Joh daar's baie foto's. (Yoh, there's a lot of photos)
Ané: It's because you're so serious about it.
Johan: I am pretty serious.
Manny: Johan, do you remember the first photos you took?
Fabi laughs.
Fabi: What inspired you? Was it your mother's home cooked meals?
Johan: Fabi!
Ané: I'm making notes RIGHT NOW!
Fabi: Your face is a note right now, note right noooow. Wha-ha-haa! Too-doo-too-doo-too-doo-loo.

Manny: Johan, it's your mother's birthday tomorrow.
Johan: Whose? MY mother's? This Johan? Oh my God. Wait, is it? How do you know this?
Manny: Yes, look, tomorrow all day, under my notifications.

Johan: For a birthday present I'll ask my mom to have all my cameras fixed. That is quite a nice present.

Johan: Ané, the thing about the blog is that it's really unassuming.  It speaks to people. And it's not invasive.
Manny: It's like it should be on Facebook.
Fabi: WHAT?! Ané's face?
Ané: I don't know what's going on. I don't even know what blog you're talking about.
Johan: My blog!
Fabi: Johan, you're being VERY hectic.

Johan: I hope you got down as much shit as you could.
Ané: I don't know because I was a bit of a retard, like I didn't write down from the beginning.
Johan: Aaah.
Ané: But I might also be recording all of this. Like, it's possible.

Fabi: Why is Johan on the beach?

Fabi: Why are you guys so serious?
Ané: Because I'm blogging

Ané: Look out for your post on my blog on the internet.
Johan: I'm gonna deny fucking EVERYTHING.

And here's some of Johan's nice pictures:

If you want to become better acquainted with Johan IRL, and talk about serious things, just head down to The Power and the Glory basically WHENEVER, because he lives in there.


EDIT:  Johan and Manny are denying that this ever happened.  Click HERE to see their response.

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