Thursday, 26 April 2012


Once upon a time before we were all famous, serious ( YES SERIUS) bloggers, we were young and we attended Matric dances just like you. The Williams thought it would be sweet to brighten up your day (although this thunder is quite nice) with nostalgia. Back when Ané lived in Afrikaansland (Worcester ovs), Fabi was a classy-fresh-faced-fur-throw-wearing lass and Jana thought she could be multi-cultural by mixing Indian prints, a bindi and a beehive (she couldn't!). Enjoy babes. 

Look at that koeksister loving face.

Ané's always been happy. And drunk. 

Classy as fuck. Green eyes with kohl detail to make them POP (STYLE TIP ALERT!)

Here fabi is sitting casually on her balcony. Why is she wearing a male coat I hear you ask. It was her date's ;)

White liberal mess. MORE IS MORE. 

Matching accessories. Pink ribbon in hair, pink shoes, pink hoops, pink nail polish, pink lipstick and pink bracelets. VIBE. 

Maybe we should host a party where everyone wears their matric dance outfits. Could be sucha rave!

Love you guys, mean it!

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