Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Baby's dead.

Baby is gone and the nightmare is real. 

Jana's favourite cat, Baby, died today. She was run over by a car and left to die in the road. She loved the outdoors and stayed in Jana's room when she played Britney. It was a match made in heaven. Baby was a soft-meowing, gentle, cute, skinny cat with the best demeanor ever. Jana can't stop crying. Her heart is broken. Aqua, Baby's sister is also distraught. She won't stop looking for Baby and cry meowing. Today is a very sad day. Jana feels a bit like Esther Greenwood in The Bell Jar when she had to have her photo taken for the magazine. 

Baby was buried before Jana could say goodbye to her which is sad because Jana is into open caskets. She just wanted to see her pretty little face one last time. @GFOTY said she believes Baby is in cat heaven with her cat Furgus. We hope that's true. Jana will cherish the scars on her hands and chest where Baby scratched her when she was first rescued from the vet. They seem almost poetic now. The laptop is wet as this is being typed, tears won't stop flowing. 

Baby is the gorgeous one on the left and poor mourning Aqua is on the right. Crying :((((( They are so gorge :(. "Life" can be so mean sometimes and maybe Patrick was right; we should ask for out money back. 

Here's a song dedicated to Baby. She will always be on our minds. 

Luckily Jana has the best friends. They sent her an AMAZING photo of them live from a Crazy White Bitches photoshoot just to show her their love and support. That's what friends are for. Check these lush babes out. Everything is going to be okay. Que sera sera.

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