Sunday, 22 April 2012

The Pride and the Glory

Last night Isa, Fabi, Fani and Paul went to The Power and the Glory for a whole lotta drinks. It was offffff the chain. Apart from Paul getting distracted by a 'pretty' blonde in pink, we basically just ended up killing each other. There was blood all over the bar and even the guy with the paedo mustache was a bit freaked out. When we thought it was enough to see Kate Moss and Heath Ledger there, DAGGER came to join us! He was deeeerunk. Isa's lecturer called her to give her her math test result, after which she ran to the bathroom to go punch the mirror. STANDARD. When the bar closed we decided to play Jenga with the gourmet hot dogs. Fani passed out under a table after vomiting all over the steps. She always takes things too far.

Thanks to Paul for capturing this memorable night of killing (good clean fun):

Fani got kicked out because of her crazy honey style and had to go home to change into this all black outfit. There was a French photographer who loved her new look and took this picture.

Isa in the bathroom. 

Isa not dealing with all the violence. Fabi's chilled.

There was an artist at the bar who captured our experience.

Dagger offering free tequila to promote After Hours at the most trendy joint in town.

Fabi was very happy to go to bed and was so confused by the crazy vibes, that, half asleep, she confused her bed with the stairs in the Waiting Room and ran up the stairs, which didn't go down too well, because she was in a bed.


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