Monday, 16 April 2012


We all know smoking cigarettes can make you look infinitely cooler than you actually are.  Jana told Fabi this very morning how cool she looks while casually dragging on her Camel Lights (Read: Princetons, because she's a broke ass bitch).  
Ané, a non-smoker, faces day-to-day difficulties in the fashion industry as smoking is generally encouraged amongst her colleagues (Also, she doesn't drink coffee and thus her future is basically doomed).  But let's be honest; when girls get drunk they tend to smoke even if they are so-called non-smokers and I guess this post is also partly here so that Ané can apologize to whoever she stole cigarettes from on Friday night.

But mostly it burns down to (LOL) pictures of hot babes smoking.

Edit:  Rumour has it the victim of Ané's cigarette thievery was Matthew Oldfield, so apologies go out to Babyhunk <3


  1. Wtf? Fuck that. Cigarettes are common poser shit. Those chicks could be holding can openers in their pics and still look hot, the smoking just makes me think they are stupid and shallow.

    Thinking you look cool by smoking is little kid state of mind....