Sunday, 22 April 2012

Waiting For Godot

Patrick and Jana spent the last few hours trying to communicate with each other but failing dismally. Misunderstandings, hearing problems and retardation do not make for effective communication. It was very funny/tragic/futile like fish. The whole situation screamed Waiting for Godot.

They walked the streets like tramps and were even attacked by bergies on Adderley street. After Jana handed over her half eaten burger, the male bergie retorted in disgust "I don't want to eat your half-eaten food". FAIR ENOUGH. The female bergie claimed Patrick's coffee, which he hated because he is a coffee snob, and followed them both like a zombie. It was all verrryyyy confusing/disorientating. Patrick and Jana then separated and made their way home to go live out their retardation in solitary confinement.

However! Patrick's phone got stolen in Stellenbosch last night so there is no way to contact him and make sure he is okay. 

Jana is slightly concerned about Patrick because no phone and indie is not a good place to be.

Here are pictures of our tramp friends earlier today.