Wednesday, 18 April 2012


Lolly Weimar is one of our favourite people in the world and last night Ané got very obsessed with her all over again.  She is just so small and amazing and cute yet sexy at the same time it is actually fucking confusing how one small person can be all of these things in one?  And she has the best advice on boy drama and always listens to all your stories like they're the BEST THING EVZ even though they're probz pretty boring and you should get a life.  I feel so sorry for you if you don't know her.  
Anyway look at how amazing she is:

Look how cute she is at being a tourist and eating food.  No one can make these activities look as cute as Lolly can!

 Lolly with her manbeef Daniel Bradley.  He's also pretty great, obviously!


Dunno what the fuck Daniel is doing here but he should sort it out!  Wouldn't be pulling dem faces if Lolly was this into me!

Here's Ané hanging out with Lolly and some other fun bitches (Gia's face is lifechanging)Lolly and Cheralzies


Sorry Lolly for stalking you and stealing your pictures. WE LOVE YOU!

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