Friday, 20 April 2012


Fabi and Jana have decided to revolutionise the bar industry and Johan's home. They plan to open a new Power and the Glory-esque bar inside Woolworths. They are planning on changing the "art" against the walls, legalising weed in the Woolworths on Kloof. They will be scraping the current music situation (which is non-exsitent) and playing some fun songs for everyone to enjoy. It will become the new EVOL. In a few weeks time everyone will be excited for Woolworths on a Friday night, forgetting EVOL ever existed. You'll hear people saying "So excited for SHTROWLOOW this Friday!!! Gonna be sucha rave!".  People who meet the 4 requirements FAT, FAMOUS STARVING AND BROKE will be granted VIP access. This will entitle them to free tomato soup and a joint. Fabi and jana will be paid by Woolworths to make the place "cool and happening"(Woolworths' words, not theirs). The only potential problem might be about people talking about Fabi only having job because of her dad's position at Woolworths. A bit like Peaches Geldof, Nicole Richie, Liv Tyler and Jade Jagger so we'll have to work on a cover for that. Or not? Perhaps she should just run with it. 

Fabi and Jana are going to run the SHTROWLOOW blogspot and tumblr. This party will get so big that soon they will have to employ a bouncer and start checking for IDs. And Fabi's mother will be banned with wanted signs of her everywhere on the walls. Just like Mavuso and Jana were temporarily from the Waiting Room and Fiction respectively.

Here's the poster for their opening night which happens to coincide with Fabi's birthday. Everyone who is anyone is going to be there. The opening night's theme is CONCEPTUAL. 

Here's more of Fabi's Paint art, she's really talented. Virginia is above the trees over the moon about it. 

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