Thursday, 19 April 2012

Birthdays in Paris

We don't know anyone that is better at life than Lea Colombo.  She can go anywhere in the world and instantly meet like, the most famous person there without even putting much effort into it.  She does, however, put a shitload of effort into her PHOTOGRAPHY and you should probably check it out as a favour to yourself.  I guess it's THIS effort that leads to her being so excellent at other aspects of life.  Also, she's better looking than about 100% of the people on this planet and like, really, really nice and stuff too. She speaks English, German, Italian AND Afrikaans and gah, maybe she should just fuck off? But not really, because we love her and today is her 19th birthday (SHE'S ONLY 19?!?! I KNOW RIGHT, DOUBLE YOU TEE EFF) and she'll be celebrating it in Paris without us. HEY KANYE!

 Orgy @ Shack
 Lay Lay and her gay boyfriend (and our favourite gay boyfriend too) NICHOLAS COUTTS!

 Fabi is currently busy painting this, Nic is in Paris/Niggas in Paris:

 A slight breeze follows her around wherever she goes just so she can look even fucking hotter than she already is!


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