Saturday, 21 April 2012


The other night Fabi and Ané went to Rafiki's for Nicolaas' farewell and Paul Mesarcik told them that he loves this blog.  Now we know our blog is amazing so this kind of positive feedback would normally not be a big deal to us but the thing is; WE DIDN'T KNOW PAUL WENT ON THE INTERNET? He doesn't even have Facebook (!!!)  So basically, we are super chuffed (and fat, famous, broke and starving)

We spent the night sharing a Hunters Extreme at a table by ourselves and came to the conclusion that we should rather have stayed home and laughed at each other there instead because we are so entertaining. JOKES, it was nice seeing Nic before he left and we wish him well on his travels around da world.  He is like super famous and stuff.

Anyway here is a picture of people in a drum circle of sorts because we thought it related well to the written content of this post:

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